Best Way To Play Coin Master and How to Gain Extra Spins?

What is the best way to play Coin Master? How to get more spins every day? This article by FIUNUID answers these questions. Click to read now to receive useful tips!

How to play Coin Master effectively? How can you receive more Spins in the game? These are common questions for players of this game. To solve the problem, FINDUID presents to you an article guiding about the best way to play Coin Master and tips for earning more Spins for newcomers right here.

What is Coin Master?

Coin Master is a game that has been attracting the attention of many gamers due to its unique gameplay mechanics. The main goal of this game is to complete constructions on each map to progress to the next challenges. 

With a total of 254 maps, each having distinct characteristics, their value continually increases over time. Therefore, the game requires players to invest effort in constructing and completing each building.

Coin Master game

Coin Master game

The Best way to play Coin Master for beginners

Use items in the game

In Coin Master, the primary source of coins comes from the Jackpot - the Lucky Spin, and using items such as Hammer, Thunderbolt, Money Bag, Shield, Coin, Robber, and Spins. Each type of item brings its own distinct advantages.

When you have a set of three identical items, you receive the following special benefits:

  • The Hammer helps slow down the progress of your opponent's construction and destroys structures on their map.

  • The Shield protects your constructions from being destroyed by other players.

  • The Money Bag directly adds coins to your account, which you can use to purchase resources in the Village Shop.

  • The Robber provides an opportunity to pinpoint a location to dig and loot gold coins from the map of other players.

  • Spins grant you 10 additional spins when you have a set of three spin items.

Use items in the game

Use the pet feature

In Coin Master, pets not only bring special abilities but also provide crucial support in missions to help you become the wealthiest player. Upgrading pets enhances their benefits, for example, Foxy the Fox can increase the amount of gold obtained from raiding resources.

Additionally, it's important to note that feeding your pets will provide energy for the next 4 hours. Therefore, make efficient use of this feature. Coin Master also assists by offering a free pet every 15 minutes. Take advantage of these opportunities, especially when you only have time to play during that period. Importantly, this is a cost-free option and does not impact the pet's food level.

Use the pet feature

Connecting the gaming community

Communicating with the Coin Master community is not just about participating in attack and raid activities It is also a way to play Coin Master that involves mutual support. Players can share free spins, coins, and even exchange rare cards with each other.

Connecting the gaming community

Select Play as Guest first and then log in to your account with Facebook

When you stop receiving additional spins and coins while playing as a Guest, log in to Coin Master with your Facebook account to instantly receive 50 spins and 1 million coins.

Another advantage of linking your Coin Master account to Facebook is that you can invite your friends to join. Take advantage of regularly sending and receiving spins in the game with your friends for the opportunity of long-term growth in the Coin Master world.

Tips and tricks for playing Coin Master game with many spins

  • Maintaining a stable Spin count around 9500 is crucial: It's essential to maintain a Spin count of around 9500 to increase the chances of being placed in the level 1 group.

  • Prioritize earning and retaining coins over focusing on Spins: This ensures you have enough money to participate in activities such as buying supplies for Pets and participating in Viking Quest.

  • Avoid using coins to build houses: It's advisable to refrain from spending coins on building houses, especially when Viking missions become challenging, and house construction costs increase.

  • Only buy houses when you can upgrade them immediately: Invest in building houses during the Village Master event. At this time, each new level will be rewarded with additional money, Spins, and pet food.

  • Prioritize XP to feed Foxy: Recommended levels are 90%, 95%, and 100%. Foxy will help you achieve substantial income during raids.

  • Avoid participating in leaderboards: As it is considered a smart Coin Master strategy. This is because it's a Spin-expensive activity, and the rewards may not justify the number of Spins you invest.

Tips and tricks for playing Coin Master game with many spins

Coin Master gaming configuration

To play the Coin Master game, your phone must meet the specified requirements. The recommended configurations for each type of phone are as follows:

  • iOS Phones: The required configuration is iOS 9.0 or later.

  • Android Phones: The required configuration is Android 4.1 or later.

Coin Master gaming configuration

Above is the guide on the best way to play Coin Master and tips for earning more Spins. Don't forget to follow FINDUID daily to stay updated on the latest news about games, technology!