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What is this tool?

TikTok Video Downloader is a free online tool that allows users to download TikTok videos without any watermarks. This tool is very useful for people who want to save TikTok videos for offline viewing or for sharing on other platforms.
Using TikTok Video Downloader is very easy. You simply need to copy the link of the TikTok video you want to download and paste it into the TikTok Video Downloader website. The tool will then generate a download link for the video without any watermarks.
TikTok Video Downloader supports downloading videos in various formats, including MP4, AVI, and WMV. You can also choose the video quality that you want to download, ranging from 360p to 1080p.
One of the benefits of using TikTok Video Downloader is that it is completely free and does not require you to install any software or plugins. It is also very fast and reliable, allowing you to download TikTok videos quickly and easily.
Overall, TikTok Video Downloader is a great tool for anyone who wants to download TikTok videos without any watermarks and save them for offline viewing or sharing on other platforms.

How to use?

This tool accepts the Tiktok video link, for example:





  • Put the Tiktok video link in the text box and click the "Download →" button, or simply press enter.

    Video download button, audio download button and the video information will appear in the green box.

    Why use this tool?

    1. Download Tiktok videos easily with just the video link.

    2. You can download videos with no watermark and save them as high-quality mp4 video files for free - this service works on computers, tablets, and all mobile devices. You can also preview the video without downloading.

    3. Loading speed of page and processing video link fast.