EaseUS Vocal Remover – Simple beat extraction tool for karaoke singing

EaseUS Vocal Remover is software that separates vocals from songs to create beats, karaoke, remixes, mashups,... easily. Let's find out how to do it with FindUid!

EaseUS Vocal Remover is a simple and effective software to remove vocals from songs. You can use it to create beats, karaoke, remixes, mashups, and more. With a friendly and easy-to-use interface, in just a few clicks you can separate vocals in a song without losing sound quality. Let’s find out with FindUid!

Introducing EaseUS Vocal Remover

EaseUS Vocal Remover is a free web service that separates and extracts various sorts of sounds from internet music and video files. You can separate vocals, drums, bass, piano, voices, noise, etc. easily and quickly. You can use the extracted sounds for many different purposes, such as karaoke, remixing, creativity, education, etc.

Introducing EaseUS Vocal Remover

Introducing EaseUS Vocal Remover

Benefits of separating music beats

Separating music beats, also known as stem splitting or audio source separation, offers several advantages for both music creators and listeners:

For Music Creators:

  • Remixing and Remastering: Isolated beats provide greater control for remixing a song. You can add new melodies, vocals, or completely change the feel by swapping the beat with another track. Similarly, remastering specific elements like the drum track becomes easier.

  • Sample Creation: Separated beats are a goldmine for creating unique samples. You can chop, modify, and loop these isolated elements to spark new musical ideas.

  • Live Performance: DJs and electronic music producers can use separated beats to create dynamic live sets. They can trigger specific drum sounds, tweak basslines on the fly, or mashup beats from different tracks.

  • Educational Purposes: Isolating elements allows musicians to analyze and understand a song's rhythmic structure in detail. This can be valuable for learning drumming techniques or composing your own beats.

For Music Creators

For Music Creators

For Music Listeners:

  • Focus on Specific Instruments: For instance, isolating the drum track can help drummers focus on the beat and improve their skills. Similarly, isolating the bassline can be great for bassists.

  • Accessibility: For people with hearing impairments, separating vocals can make it easier to understand lyrics.

  • Personalized Listening: Imagine creating your own karaoke version by removing vocals, or a meditation mix by isolating calming melodies. Separated beats offer the possibility of creating custom listening experiences.

For Music Listeners

For Music Listeners

How to use EaseUS Vocal Remover

To use EaseUS Vocal Remover, you just need to do the following steps:

Step 1: Visit the EaseUS Vocal Remover website.

Step 2: Select the music/video source whose audio you want to split. You can choose:

  • Video/Audio Files: You can upload music/video files from your computer. Music/video files must be in MP3, MP4, WAV, WMA, FLAC, or M4A format, and no longer than 20 minutes or 350 MB.

  • Online website links: You can link SoundCloud music/YouTube videos that you want to separate the audio from. Music/video should not exceed 20 minutes.

Step 3: Select the audio type you want to split in the Original split type section. You can choose:

  • Vocals and Music: Separate vocals and background music.

  • Drum and non-drum: Dividing drum and non-drum sounds.

  • Bass and Without Bass: Divide bass and non-bass sounds.

  • Piano and no piano: Distinguishing piano and non-piano sounds.

  • Voice and noise: Separating speech and noise.

use EaseUS Vocal Remover

Use EaseUS Vocal Remover

Step 4: Click the Start button to begin the audio separation process. This procedure can take a few minutes or less, depending on the size and complexity of the music/video file.

Click the Start button to begin 

Click the Start button to begin 

After the audio separation process is completed, you will see the original music/video file and the extracted audio files below. You can listen and download the extracted audio files as MP3.

Download the extracted audio files

EaseUS Vocal Remover is a useful tool for you when you want to separate vocals from background music. You can use this service completely free and quickly without having to register an account. Good luck!