Explore Duolingo Music Courses for Free - Have You Tried Yet?

Duolingo has launched an extremely interesting music course in 2023. Have you tried yet? Let's read with FINUID to learn more about the free course in this article!

If you attended Duocon 2023, our latest announcement likely brought music to your ears. That's correct, FINDUID will introduce you about the Duolingo music course through the following article.

Why did Duolingo launch a music course?

Research indicates that learning music contributes positively to reading, verbal, listening, and math skills. Additionally, it has the potential to delay cognitive decline associated with aging. 

Despite the numerous advantages of music education, over 3.6 million students in the U.S. lack access to such programs. Moreover, for those aspiring to pursue additional instruction, private lessons can be prohibitively expensive, reaching up to $400 per session!

Music aligns with our mission to make education accessible to everyone globally. Ensuring that those without access to music education can still cultivate enjoyable and enriching skills. While other apps concentrate on preparing learners for instrument-specific performances, we opted for a more inclusive and accessible approach. Through our new course, individuals can acquire music literacy, encompassing the ability to read and recognize notes, as well as play familiar songs.

Beyond just supporting our mission, the Music course seamlessly integrates with the Duolingo teaching style. Instead of relying on lengthy videos or extensive written explanations of musical concepts, you learn by engaging with game-like exercises that maintain your focus and involvement.

Duolingo launch a music course

Duolingo launch a music course

How does a Duolingo music course work?

Using an on-screen keyboard, you'll gradually acquire knowledge step by step, identifying notes initially on the keyboard and later on a musical staff. As you progress through each lesson, you'll develop playing, sight-reading, and listening skills, culminating in the application of your newfound knowledge as you play complete songs!

In case you missed it, we provided a sneak peek of the Music course at Duocon 2023. The Music course is part of an expanded Duolingo, offering the opportunity to learn all.

Duolingo music course

What will you learn in a Duolingo Music course?

Currently, the Music course instructs you on the following:

  • Rhythm

  • Note names and their positions on a piano

  • Combining sounds to play a well-known song

  • Reading music and interpreting what you see or hear

  • Developing your ear to discern notes and distinguish between various sounds, such as high and low notes.

Duolingo music course instructs you on many areas

Duolingo music course instructs you on many areas

Can I study Duolingo music course on any device?

Duolingo is thrilled to make our Music course accessible to a wide range of learners. Besides, Duolingo Music will be accessible on iOS devices (OS 16 or higher) in English and Spanish. However, they aspire to extend the availability of the course to more learners in the near future!

Studying Duolingo music course on any device

Studying Duolingo music course on any device

Duolingo music courses are very popular. Are you wondering how to explore Duolingo music courses for free? Follow FINDUID for more valuable information.