When was Spotify Supremium released? What makes this unique?

Spotify Supremium is a new feature of Spotify, bring many benefits to users. Let's discover this function with FINDUID now.

Spotify Supremium is a brand-new online music service from Spotify, offering exclusive and special features that set it apart from the free and Premium versions. Let's discover the special features with FINDUID in this article!

What is Spotify Supremium?

Spotify is one of the most popular online music streaming services today, offering millions of songs, podcasts, and playlists catering to various preferences and moods. Supremium stands as Spotify's highest-tier subscription plan, encompassing the HiFi music quality feature and access to Audiobooks.

Spotify HiFi is a feature that enables users to listen to music in lossless format, preserving the original audio quality without data loss, equivalent to CD-quality sound. This has been a long-anticipated feature for Spotify, initially announced in February 2021. However, due to various reasons, the launch of this feature has been delayed until now.

Spotify's competitors such as Amazon Music and Apple Music have already provided free lossless audio to their users. Supremium by Spotify is expected to be introduced in select markets outside the United States by the end of 2023, with a planned U.S. launch in October 2023.

Spotify Supremium

What date is Spotify Supremium released?

In February 2021, Spotify introduced a lossless music streaming feature called "Spotify HiFi." However, this new feature has yet to be officially launched. Since then, competitors like Apple Music have rolled out their own catalogs of lossless music, prompting Spotify to postpone the release of HiFi, internally referred to as "Supremium."

Spotify may opt for a phased release of HiFi in other markets before introducing this feature in the United States, similar to how Netflix tested tightening its account-sharing policies in different markets to assess customer reactions.

Over the past few years, Spotify has made a notable shift into the podcasting space, experiencing both successes and certain setbacks. Additionally, it might be less known that Spotify is also venturing into audiobook sales.

Spotify Supremium with many features

How much is Spotify Supremium?

Spotify Supremium will be a separate subscription tier with a higher cost compared to the current Premium plan. Earlier, a survey suggested a fee of $20 (approximately 470,000 VND), twice the current Premium subscription. 

In contrast, Apple Music's $11 (around 258,000 VND) monthly plan already includes the rights to listen to lossless music. Amazon has also adjusted the price of Music Unlimited to $11.

How much is Spotify Supremium?

Benefits of Spotify Supremium

Experience deeper and clearer sound, capturing details that compressed audio might miss. This allows users to perceive the nuances among different musical instruments, vocals, and background sounds.

Enjoy music as intended by artists, producers, and sound engineers. This helps users understand the meaning and emotions conveyed in songs, as well as respect the efforts of those who create them.

Connect Spotify HiFi to speakers that support Spotify Connect, maximizing the potential of premium audio equipment or the devices you own. This enables users to listen to music anywhere without being limited by playback devices.

Listen to audiobooks for free for a certain number of hours or titles each month, depending on the subscription plan. This feature supports users in learning, entertaining, and personal development through high-quality and compelling books.

Spotify Supremium brings many experiences for user

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